Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Let's make butter!

Today during Science we undertook an experiment where we observed a liquid turning into a solid. What began as cream, went through the process of becoming butter, through the strength of our arms. We separated the buttermilk and the butter to finish the process. It was a lot of fun, although the smell wasn't nice at all!

Some people even enjoyed drinking the milk at the end!


  1. Wow, Year 5!
    I wish I was there with some nice fresh bread to taste the butter. Yum! What was the smell like? Did it resemble the smell of milk that is beyond its use-by date? I've never made butter before. You have certainly got me thinking. Maybe I will have a go myself...but then again maybe not, considering the smell!

  2. that must of been fun

  3. This element of solid and liquid was really fun I wish we could do it again.